Event Management

Everything you need to make your event a success

Ascent Events can help you manage each and every part of your event, whether it's a large scale national conference, or a small regional event. We provide a full organisational and operational event management service where we can help with every aspect of your event - from planning to realisation. Or, if you prefer, we can help you with only certain aspects of your event.

Our Event Management services:

Our Event Management services include:

  • event planning: helping you to develop realistic objectives and timelines for your event or conference
  • venue sourcing: we can help you find the ideal venue for your event or conference
  • event resourcing: we can source and manage all relevant sub-contractors for your event, from the technical trades to event staff
  • exhibitor management: we can liase and manage the relationship with exhibitors on your behalf
  • contractor management: we can manage all contractors for specific events
  • exhibitor manual: we can develop and distribute specific manuals for each event
  • stand management: we can manage the approval process for space only stands ensuring compliance with the exhibitor manual
  • management and registration: we can fully manage the registration process of your event, including the management of feature areas
  • health and safety: we provide fully compliant health and safety at all our events
  • floor management: we can provide a full floor management service at your event, ensuring eveything runs smoothly on the day