The Award Submission

Awards Excellence in Waste Management  2024

 for the NHS in England

Our judging panel will carefully consider a diverse range of submissions for the Awards for Excellence in Waste Management 2024 award categories. We’re not solely focused on the size or funding of projects, but rather on the impact and innovation they bring to the table. Whether it’s a small-scale initiative with big potential or a larger project making waves, we’re eager to recognise and celebrate all efforts that contribute to positive change in waste management within secondary care in NHS England. We’re particularly interested in submissions that demonstrate scalability and the potential to inspire others in the field. We want to shine a spotlight on initiatives that are making a real difference

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Who should enter?

Submissions are open to individuals and, in-house teams within secondary care across NHS England and the service providers and suppliers that support them. Submissions should encompass projects completed or operational within the last two years, with full operational activity since April 2022. We do not accept submissions for projects or initiatives that are planned, in development, or in progress.

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To help the The Excellence in Waste Management Awards in association with NHS England identify conflicts of interest in the judging process please list all organisations involved in this initiative, including agencies, suppliers or partners.
Please provide a 150-word executive summary of your entry to ensure that the judges or a person with no prior knowledge can quickly understand it and which (should you be named as a finalist) will be used at the Awards ceremony. Please write the summary in 3rd person and do not include any private or sensitive information as this may be available publicly.
What the judges are looking for

  1. Why was the approach taken deemed to be the most appropriate solution given the choices available?
  2. How was the initiative planned in terms of vision and values, strategy outcomes, partner selection, and working together?
  3. What operational goals, mechanisms, and processes are in place to manage the initiative on a day-to-day basis and to drive continual improvement?
  4. What did the initiative achieve, what measures were used to prove its success and what was learned from the approach?

Remember this is not a sales pitch and the Judges do not want to see overly produced media files/ presentation documents , what the Judges do want to see are authentic and credible information that makes your entry come to life!
How to write your submission

  1. This submission form is your opportunity to tell the judges why your team or project should be recognised and celebrated: be proud, be clear, show evidence, and sing your own praises!
  2. Judges are looking for clear, concise information, written in good English in each of the sections when assessing the entries.
  3. Read each question fully; the judges need you to have understood the question and directly answered it. Incomplete questions will not attract a score.
  4. Please note, each section has a word limit detailed next to the question. Stick to the word limit as any words beyond the limit will not be accepted by the online submission form.
  5. Documents, illustrations, photos, and video can be used to make your entry come alive, these can be referenced and included in your supporting evidence document. Allowed file types are gif, jpg, png, pdf, doc, docx, xls, xlsx, csv, ppt, pptx, mp4. Files must not exceed 2MB

Submission questions:
a) What measurable data can you provide for the initiative? – for example tonnes of waste reduced, carbon reduction, impact on the organisation’s objectives and goals

b) Evidence of the impact of the initiative on the participants; bring your success story to life with examples, anecdotes, testimonials, survey results and benchmarking data (these can be referenced in the supporting documents pdf).
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Allowed file types are gif, jpg, png, pdf, doc, docx, xls, xlsx, csv, ppt, pptx, txt, rtf, mp4. Files must not exceed 4MB

Additional information

Timeline for submissions and announcement of shortlist

  • The awards submissions portal will close on the 26 July 2024*
  • We may contact you for more information
  • We will announce the shortlisted teams for each award category in August 2024*
  • Those teams that have been shortlisted will be invited to register via our website to attend the awards ceremony taking place at the BCEC Conference Centre in Birmingham on 2 October 2024.
  • Each shortlisted team will find out on the night if they have won either the Gold, Silver or Bronze award for their submitted award category.

* please note these dates may be subject to change